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Magna Law Corporation welcomes veteran lawyer Mr K V Sudeep Kumar as Managing Director

13 April 2021


Veteran lawyer armed with more than 25 years of legal experience and exposure, Mr K V Sudeep Kumar joins Magna Law Corporation as a Managing Director. A seasoned litigator with over two decades of legal experience, his knowledge will be an asset to all our present and potential clients. His most recent cases involved criminal litigation matters where he successfully obtained acquittal as well as reduction of sentences at the State Courts and High Court levels for clients. Mr Sudeep continues to be involved in such litigation but has not forgotten his earlier litigation works in accident claims, family and matrimonial disputes as well as wills and probate.

Mr Sudeep is a lawyer of high standing and we are pleased he has decided to join the Magna Law family. We will strive to better serve our clients with him on board.

Magna Law Corporation Team

Mr Sudeep also has extensive experience in commercial and corporate practice in and outside Singapore, and has particular interest in the sale, purchase and financing of real property, leases and other various forms of commercial agreements. His experience is both with domestic as well as international clients.

On Mr Sudeep's decision to helm Magna Law Corporation:

Joining Magna Law is a humbling experience and an honour for me. The firm has positioned itself throughout the years as one of Singapore's leading legal practices specialising in distributed ledger technology, Blockchain and Fintech. I had the opportunity to meet the Magna Law team and I look forward to working with such a versatile, top notch and driven team so that we can continue to bring quality legal service across Singapore and internationally. I am thrilled to have this opportunity to be a part of Magna Law!”

Mr K V Sudeep Kumar, Managing Director

Magna Law Corporation has been recognized as one of the specialist legal advisors in the Payment Regulatory Evaluation Programme (PREP), an initiative by the Monetary Authority of Singapore to assist payment services providers in seeking legal advice from specialist registered Singapore law practices relating to Payment Services Act. The firm is at the forefront of leading legal capabilities and advisory within the Fintech and Payments ecosphere, having serviced over 10 clients with its applications for payment services licensing in Singapore, and having issued dozens of legal advisories and opinions in the digital assets and Fintech space.


Company Address: 50 Raffles Place, Singapore Land Tower #19-03, Singapore 048623



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